How Justin Bieber Changed His Look Over The Years?

Justin Bieber is one of the famous celebrities in Hollywood stealing many hearts with unexceptional singing talent. In 2008 he was signed to Island Def Jam when he was just 14 years old. His look has been transformed from then to now as he has grown in front of the public eye.

Justin Bieber fashion

Who didn't remember his most famous song, Baby? The album launched a Canadian kid with a YouTube channel to superstardom. His early style choices included a lot of flat brim baseball hats, purple cardigans, and sweaters. 

2009- Styled in Purple

One upon a time, he never stepped out in public without wearing purple. In 2009 he wore his purple and black plaid flannel, faded jeans, and his evergreen side-swept hairstyle nobody will ever forget. When he became famous, the color purple became synonymous with his aesthetic.

2010- Changing Style

In 2010, Bieber was still rocking hearts with his long hair pushed to the side, but then he was experimenting with his style. In the 2010 Kids Choice Awards, he wore a tuxedo jacket over a black tee with highlighter yellow sneakers. And at his first-ever Grammy, he wore a black vest, black tie, and shiny black pants. By wearing this extraordinary look, he proved that he was making his own style that the public will follow definitely. 

In 2010 he was snapped in different looks, which reflects that he changed his fashion preferences. He once wore glasses and yellow sneakers in the event that drew all the attention towards him. In an event, his all-white outfit with a purple hoodie and purple sneakers become iconic quickly. 

2011- Mature Look

In February 2011, he made his first appearance on the red carpet with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. They both were looking absolutely stunning, and Justin was suddenly looked way more mature and old. He wore an all black look which made him look sharp and impressive. 

He also went for a classic black suit at the Golden Globes award function but still wore sneakers with them. His out of box's look always made him stay in the limelight. In Grammys 2011, he was all set up in a white tuxedo and black bow tie with white sneakers. He made his own unique style which is liked by everyone. 

In the same year in the MTV Video Music Awards, Bieber did some experiments in his clothing style. He wore a black blazer with bright red pants and gold jewelry. He complimented his style with bold cheetah-print shoes. His exceptional shoes drew many eyeballs towards him. 

While performing on "Dancing With the Stars" in late 2011, Bieber debuted with a very different haircut and wore a shimmering purple jacket and sparkly shoes.

The couple looked amazing at the 2011 American Music Awards. They both were looking very elegant, and Bieber even slicked his hair back to match the classic Hollywood glamour.

2012- Color Coordination

As he grew older, he continuously swept his hair out of his face and learned the magic of hair gel. He kicked his style up a notch and wore a bright blue jacket with color coordinated sneakers in NRJ Music Awards. 

In the summer of 2012, he debuted a tattoo on his arm, which was inspired by the title of his third album, "Believe." He also shortens his hair and changes his look. When he performed in American Music Awards, a new tattoo was found on his hand, and he wore a black vest on top and red on the bottom. 

2013- A New Era

Bieber's style was developing every year, and he surprised the whole industry. In 2013, he looked completely different. On the "Believe" purple carpet, he wore a red blazer and red pants combination with white shoes and sunglasses. His sleek hairstyle and putting his sleeves of tattoos on display successfully sent the message that he is not a kid anymore.

In the same year on "Believe Tour," Bieber channeled Michael Jackson. He wore an all white outfit with fingerless gloves of golden color. 

2014- More Sophisticated Look

At the Cannes Film Festival, he opted for a unique look. He flaunted the complete tattoos on his hands by rolling his sleeves and wore a dark blue suit with black formal shoes. 

In December 2014, he introduced his blonde hair look to the public. He attended the grand opening of West Coast Customs Burbank Headquarters with a darkly colored casual outfit. His blonde hair look steals the show.

2015 - Experimental

Bieber always showed up with a clean cut and perfect style. But at American Music Awards in 2015, he drastically changed his look. He went for an oversized Nirvana shirt, destroyed denim with his long undone hair. 

He also snapped in a green beanie and matching nylon jacket with a dark Nirvana t-shirt.

2016- Velvet Era

In 2016, he attended Sean Penn's Help Haiti Home gala by wearing a snazzy velvet blazer. He also made a stunning small man bun that rocked his appearance.

He also made the dreadlocks look, which caused a big controversy.

2017- Farmer Vibes

People were happy that he cut his hair short again, but he shared a picture on his Instagram in July 2016 in which people were getting farmer vibes with his overall look.

2018- Mustache

Bieber put a mustache look in 2018, and his fashion has taken on a whole new life this year. He wore oversized sweats, and he had long and shaggy hair, and people didn't like this fashion sense of his. 

2019- Released His Own Clothing

Justin Bieber Drew

On January 29, 2019, Bieber introduced his unisex Drew House collection. The clothes are made up of neutral colors and corduroy, which were sold almost immediately.

2020- Bright Color Collection

The singer continued to wear bright colors in 2020. He wore a bright pink Drew House sweatshirt and a purple Los Angeles Lakers jacket which made him extraordinary. 

He recently opted for messy blonde hair, mustache, and casual style. 

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