How Fashion Designers Can Grow With Ecomm Platforms

Online sales are a rapidly growing element for many businesses, especially for the fashion industry. More people are using online platforms for their fashion purposes which is a big thumbs up for businesses to grow. 

Statistics show that eCommerce is now an essential tool for the fashion industry. The worldwide revenue will further rise to $713 billion by 2022. 

During this time, when the pandemic hits all businesses severely, the online industry is increasing rapidly. As people are not stepping out from their homes because of lockdown imposed in many areas and they are also afraid of going out, lots of people are inclined towards online shopping.

Fashion Designers

Ever since the coronavirus crisis set in, designers were forced to transform their business models to be reflective. Many of them are adapting from in-store retail to eCommerce. Some designers have taken this as an opportunity to relaunch their website with added features that are beneficial for their business.

Online fashion shopping gives shoppers a new world of opportunity so that they can get advantages from it. People are moving rapidly towards online shopping, which is beneficial for fashion designers. Fashion designers can expand their market on online stores so that more and more people can buy their items without stepping out from their homes. 

New stores are opening online so that people can buy their favorite brands at their door. Nobody knows how long the effect of the pandemic will last, so online shopping is a great initiative to buy or sell things. Having a website is super powerful during this difficult time. These websites will help the designers to stay connected with their customers and get direct sales.

Online websites are ideal in this situation so that people can shop from the comfort zone of their homes. They are also providing virtual trial rooms and fittings as well so that the customers will not feel any hassle after buying the products.

Fashion Designers

There are many factors that how fashion designers can grow with eCommerce platforms. Let’s take a look:

  • Expansion of the market: If a designer wants to expand their sales, they must expand the market. The best way to expand the market is to sell things online. In this scenario, people prefer to stay at their homes as much as possible. This is the best time for you to save costs and gain clients. People don’t have any large variety of choices these days because they are not following any trend at this point. They only want comfortable clothes. Therefore it is the best time you can sell your unsold stock of the season online. You will get positive responses definitely. People will recognize your brands which are beneficial for your growth.
  • A good Social Media presence: Getting the right social media presence is essential. If you are presenting your items properly on social media platforms, you can sell your products rapidly. Once a visitor becomes your loyal customer, then no one can stop you. If someone starts buying things from you and loves your products, he/she will automatically tell others which help you to gain more customers. Social media is very powerful and can reach you to heights in a few days. Make sure to present your stuff properly so that people will love it and visit you again and again.
  • Brand development: Selling products on an eCommerce platform is a big commitment because it sends a message across that you are dedicated, trustworthy, and ambitious. Being a fashion designer, if you want to develop your brand’s name, then you have to provide the best-ever services to the customers. People love to visit those platforms that are simple, reliable, and where they get all the stuff at a reasonable rate. You can easily grow by providing the best stuff to your customers so that they can buy more things from you and also share their feedback with other customers. 
  • Offering discounts: In this harsh time when people are not getting their full salary, if they get discounts on their favorite brands, then nothing makes them happier. If you have an eCommerce platform and you are providing deals and discounts on apparel and other things, then people will definitely buy things from you. If people buy stuff from you, then you will make money which helps you to grow more. Giving discounts and vouchers are the best way to make your presence on any eCommerce platform.
  • Reduced costs: Selling products on eCommerce platforms highly reduced costs of all kinds such as advertising costs, transactional costs, middleman costs, etc. Reduced costs due to an online selling platform create a virtuous cycle which leads to skyrocketing sales and helps you to expand your business. Fashion designers do not have to advertise their pieces on various platforms because the eCommerce website is doing everything for them. This will help them to grow their brands so that they can make more profit.
  • Diversify your content with video: Video is on the rise in every industry. If you are a fashion designer, then you can expand your brand’s presence on eCommerce platforms with the use of visual media.

By aligning your fashion business with visual activities that complement your brand, you can be much more than being product-centric which is excellent for you for increasing engagement. Your video should not last more than a few seconds to a minute but will definitely make your customers stunned.

Final Words

In this crisis, opting for an eCommerce platform is beneficial for fashion designers to grow. Due to lockdown, they are already so much in the loss. Therefore opening an eCommerce platform will help them to sell their masterpieces online at the same price to their loyal customers. These fashion designers can tell their brand’s story directly through their online platforms rather than just being a portal for retail.

If you are also thinking of opening an online store for your brands, then do not delay much. By applying proper strategy and tactics, people will definitely buy stuff from you.

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