Haute couture channels myth, history & nature at Paris Fashion Week.

New collections from renowned designers were revealed at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2023.
The collections by designers Stefan Djokovich, Valeriya, La Métamorphose, Zaady and Lena Erziak were marked by an unmistakable sense of symbolism, imagination, and artistry, bringing to life the most profound human emotions and experiences.
Stefan Djokovich's collection was a flamboyant tribute to the mythical Firebird, interpreted as a symbol of the autonomous woman.
Black, gold, and vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, and fuchsia materialised the depth of the night and intensity of the mythical creature's light.
With intricate embroideries and a mix of solid and fluid fabrics, Djokovich's collection visually materialised the legend of the Firebird.

Valeriya, on the other hand, found inspiration in the grandeur of the past, specifically the costumes of royal courts. Valeriya's designs showcased a balance between past and present with asymmetrical designs and 100 per cent natural materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. A new weaving technique and unique details like upside-down zips and old bronze snap buttons added an extra layer of authenticity to her collection.

La Métamorphose unveiled a collection deeply inspired by the ocean, symbolising power, truth, hope, and the mysteries of human existence. With 25 models featuring chiffon dresses complemented by pearl-embroidered corsets, and pantsuits with embroidery symbolising transformation, the collection beautifully captured the ocean's many hues. The show-stopper was a white dress shimmering like the blue surface of water, symbolising the beginning of new life.
Finally, Lena Erziak captured the audience's imagination with her collection, inspired by mycelium – the intricate network of filaments connecting the living world. The collection was a vibrant, visual spectacle emphasising the importance of connection and balance in resolving conflicts and the climate emergency. The highlights included handmade pleating, meticulously sewn feathers, and materials like silk taffeta and duchess satin.

Overall, the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2023 was a riveting showcase of design talent and thematic depth, promising an Autumn/Winter season full of creativity and symbolism.
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