10 Things You Must Know About Fashion Designing

Fashion is a highly dynamic and competitive industry. Fashion is never easy and not always glamorous. The whole process needs a lot of hard work, strict deadlines, and sleepless nights. 

Fashion designing requires true passion and self-motivation. This is the key so that anyone can go the extra mile to achieve their creative goals. For being a fashion designer, you have to be innovative and develop critical thinking to translate your ideas into reality.

Fashion designing

Paying attention to details and good observation skills are vital for being a fashion designer. The job of a fashion designer is not easy at all. They initiate and oversee the entire creative process that goes into creating articles of clothing from conception to finished garments. 

There are many things a fashion designer must know before they get into the fashion game. Let's take a look:

  • Fashion is more than just dressing up: Mostly, the movies that are based on the fashion industry provide misinformation about the true working. People believe that all fashionable people wear nice and fancy clothes, attend VIP parties and hang out with their friends. But only a few people know that the party comes after months of hard work, tears, and sleepless nights.
  • The fashion industry needs experts: As we all know, every country is overloaded with schools that offer degrees in fashion design. Every year thousands of students are becoming fashion designers. How do you set yourself apart from the crowd? During your course, take time to find that one thing and become an expert in that field. It can be anything because the design houses are looking for experts for their teams, and schools are not producing any of them. Therefore it is your responsibility to search that spark in you and focus on it completely.
  • Networking is necessary: It is vital to make networks in the fashion industry survive. An excellent design is of no use if you can't sell it. You need to have access to the right people if you want to sell your designs. Leeching onto the people will not get you very far. If you're going to stand out from the crowd in the fashion industry, networking is essential. There are many people in this industry who try to climb up the ladder without working hard for it, and they do not achieve anything but failure.
  • A Label needs tons of money to survive: Starting a label is the easiest part, but sustaining is very challenging. It is vital to understand that if you need that your fashion house should survive, then you constantly have to pump it with lots of money. Especially in the initial five years, you have to invest tons of money. But after then, the more you succeed, the more money you will make. If you really want your own label, then you have to start saving money as much as possible, work for an established fashion house, and learn the ropes of the industry properly. Once you gain enough experience, then you can go for your own label. 
  • Actual Business does not depend on the runway:  If you are thinking that arranging a runway show with a dramatic showstopper will give you fame and success, then maybe you are wrong. A fashion show is nothing but an expensive way to present your collection in front of everyone. Your sales don't depend on any fashion show. It depends on pre and post-show planning. One must have to start slowly and small so that he can build valuable clients. The designers must have to take their time to go for the runway when their company is ready to grow.
  • Identity is crucial: There are many brands available worldwide and, just by taking their names, everyone creates a picture in their head because everyone knows about it. Therefore identity is very important to make your place in the fashion industry. When you are in fashion designing school, take your time to figure out your identity. Focus on details and collect things that draw your attention towards themselves. These little things will help you in your career to make your identity. 
  • You are your competition: It is essential to maintain a balance by upgrading your ideas each season. Do not show your old collection in a new season. Always remember you are your strongest competitor. So always use your creativity and create something new and outstanding. Your flawless collection will help you to make you unique in every aspect. If you are competing with yourself, you will leave all your competitors behind.
  • Your lifestyle needs a change: Mostly at the beginning of your fashion career, your career will take over your life. You will have to work in tight deadlines and stiff competitions. Money will be a problem in the initial days and last minute disasters come as a bonus. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, then you have to change your lifestyle. You should say goodbye to your family, friends and social life for a time. You have to control your mood swings and avoid being crazy.
  • Your future depends on your hard work in designing school: When you enter the design school, they try to overwhelm you with project work. To meet the deadlines, many students forget to focus on design and complete one project after another. But they do not realize that at the end of 4 years, they will have nothing unique to show in the industry. Therefore it is essential to do hard work in school to achieve success in the future.
  • Honesty is the perfect ladder: Many fashion designers need success without doing anything. But that's not possible. The only mantra of a successful fashion designer should be following the path of honesty.

Fashion designing

You have to work hard and be honest; people will automatically appreciate your work. Create unique designs, arrive at the office timely, work according to the deadlines, and do not undervalue your work.

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