Services – Dazz Fashion
Logo Design
We do a great job designing logos. Try us out today and you will be happy for it.Product Details:  Consultation fee $50. Includes all communications and reviews from beginning to completion of your work  Final File Formats (PNG, JPEG)  100%...
Sewing, Alteration, Pattern Drafting and Sample Production Services
We understand how good fitting can make or break a look which is why Rho & Nya offers you sewing, alteration, and other services to customize or amend your outfit.Contact us to get started:Email: rhoandnyainc@gmail.comPhone:  248-533-3083Service Details: There's a $100 consultation...
from $10.00
Product Details: We can customize, business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, and other marketing materials for your business. Prices are negotiable and affordable. Contact us today to get started. Consultation fee is $50. Includes all communications from beginning to end to...
Garment Illustration/Tech Pack/Collection
We will help to bring your clothing line ideas to live. Contact us today!Service Details: There's a $100 consultation fee to discuss your needs We will customize your tech pack unique to your brand See attached price list Delivery is by...
$120.00 from $100.00
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