What Cardi B Worn on the Met Gala Event and Why?

Cardi B is one of the most celebrated artists of popular culture. She has left her imprints on many hearts with her unique personality, extraordinary talents, and her style statement. She has gained millions of fans globally with her singing skills.   

Cardi B is also very popular for her experimental fashion choices and sassy and bold attitude. She is a high-time fashion risk-taker who loves to experiment with her clothes and wear them confidently. She never hesitates to try her hands on unique and stylish outfits and wears them anywhere from casual meetings to concerts and award ceremonies. 

Cardi B Worn on the Met Gala Event

Cardi B was born in Manhattan and brought up in the Bronx, New York City. She became famous after numerous of her pictures and music videos got published, which become viral on Vine and Instagram. 

If you have ever seen her Instagram, it is covered with a range of varieties of pictures on her extraordinary kind of clothing. Many people follow her and really adore her. She is one of the fashion queens in the industry who is setting her own style statement in front of the public. She is an internet sensation because of her funkiest and unique clothing. She always wears something out of the box, and her outfits become famous in a few seconds.

Cardi B's Met Gala Outfit

Today we will talk about her Met Gala event red dress in which she was looking absolutely stunning. She arrived at the event in a red gown that has 30,000 feathers and three meter train. 

She opted for a long that accentuated her maternity look. The gown was created by 35 people in more than 2,000 hours. Thom Browne, the American fashion designer who designed that beautiful gown said that "I designed this dress for Cardi specifically because she has the ultimate beauty in a woman's body, and that is what the dress is about for me: taking advantage of that beauty." 

Cardi B Worn on the Met Gala Event

The dress was covered up head to toe, but it does emphasize particular areas, which are yonic embellishments, a heart-shaped cutout on the backside, and 44-carat ruby nipples. The gown was finished off with a bugle-bead headpiece. 

Only Cardi B has the ability not to show any skin and still draw attention to every single body part. Some people thought that she looked like a luxurious bird, a blood platelet, or the bedding of an 18th-century French King. The gown covered nearly a full landing of the event's steps, and it is also close to the pizza dress of Rihanna, which she wore in 2015. 

Among all the celebrities who flaunted their beautiful outfits at Met Gala, Cardi B's attire stole all the limelight. The color of her ultimate dress was dark, oxblood red, which resembled the menstruation blood, and she was looking like a walking uterus.

But why did people think that Cardi B's gown was inspired by mensuration? Let's take a look:

  • The color of the gown. People think that the color of blood flowing from periods is the same as resulting from a normal cut. But they might be wrong because the blood from normal cuts is bright red and blood coming from periods is dark red—the same color of gown which Cardi wore. 
  • The way her outfit flows also resembles the flowing of menstrual blood. The folds which appear in the front of her dress are straight up vaginal. The folds which originate from her hips and flows resemble labia. The inserting of the outfit inside those folds reminds of the vaginal opening. All these things are present at the bottom of the gown. 
  • When her gown moves upward to her body, she also highlights the other parts of her body, including the belly button and breasts. All these things on her gown concluded that her dress was inspired by menstruation.

Cardi B was like a showstopper at the Met Gala event, and she drags many eyeballs towards her phenomenal dress. She changed the game with her fashion choices.

Why did Cardi B wear the red gown at the Met Gala event?

As we all know, Cardi is famous for her bold and unique look. One of the most unique looks of her is the big red gown she wore at the Met Gala Event. She was looking absolutely gorgeous in that dress.

Her look became very famous at that time, and people still remember that extravagant ruby gown featured a larger-than-life skirt with feathered shoulders and a beaded cap. 

She is a fashion queen, and she always stands out from the crowd. That's why she has chosen that extraordinary gown for her Met Gala's look. She was showing off her baby bump fiercely and wore that gown with full confidence. She has out-of-the-world fashion sense, a badass attitude, and fierce confidence, which makes her a unique personality.

By wearing that beautiful red gown, she had given a unique message to the public about menstruation. People should understand that menstruation is not a disease; it is a normal thing that makes a woman complete. 

She confidently wore the dress without any hesitation and remained extraordinary as she always is. The ensemble's corseted bodice accentuated Cardi's waist, and bust and red bead stitched where her nipples would be. After all, it is Cardi B's dress and has to be out of the box. 

The dress was so heavy and big that she needed about 10 people to guide the LEWK along the red carpet. This look of Cardi B was made for a truly dramatic photo of going up the iconic Met Gala staircase.

Many people also trolled her, but she is Cardi B, who doesn't give a damn about anything. She always snapped wearing something unusual, which ordinary people will think twice of wearing. 

Cardi B and her fashion sense are exceptional, and everyone wants to be like her, but she is one in a million. Her dressing style will always make history.

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