The Fashion Designing Industry On 2021

The fashion industry has taken some interesting directions over the past years. Many trends were triggered by the pandemic that provided lasting impact for years to come. It’s been a challenging year for the fashion industry but if you are a seller in the industry, staying aware of all these trends is a must. 

As people are avoiding stepping out of their homes, online shopping in the fashion industry is expected to reach 27% by the year 2023 because people are buying clothing online. 

online shopping

Let’s dive into the top 9 trends in the fashion industry which everyone needs to know:

  • Online shopping continues to grow:

Due to covid, the lockdown has been posted in many areas, and people can’t go out for shopping, online shopping has become more popular among customers. People are afraid to go out of their homes and are inclining towards online stores.  

Unfortunately, many temporary closures of stores become permanent because they could not absorb the losses and bounce back. People are now getting everything at their door and will continue to do online shopping because it is safer, which results in the eCommerce business proliferating. The eCommerce store business will continue to grow in the coming years because of the pandemic.

  • Increase in sales of comfortable clothing:

COVID-19 has changed the way people live. Most people shift to remote work, and children shift to online learning classes. Now people are spending more time at home rather than going outside. People have been stuck at home. That’s why there has been a notable increase in sales of loungewear and pajamas. People are prioritizing comfortable clothing.

In March 2020, a 143% increase in sales of pajamas and a 13% decrease in bra sales were recorded. Many online stores also arrange campaigns for the most comfortable clothes. Now most companies are preferring that their employees do work from home, this trend will last longer.

  • Genderless clothing:

Our society has placed men and women in two different categories, and so their clothing styles. But, many cultures are changing this scenario, and people start wearing clothes that they think are comfortable rather than gender-biased. 


People are inclining more towards genderless clothing. Some popular genderless brands are Blindness, Muttonhead, and one DNA. the fashion industry is separated into “men” and “women.” Still, there is also an extensive range of “unisex” collections for those who don’t want any type of gender label.

  • ReCommerce become popular:

ReCommerce means buying used clothes from thrift stores. This trend has become popular now. People don’t feel shy to buy clothes and other accessories from thrift stores. 

As everyone is educated and sensible, people know that buying used clothes is eco-friendly and will reduce waste which is beneficial for the planet. Upcycling vintage clothes and revamp them to match their style is now trending a lot. The best part is by dying and cutting clothes to make something new, people actually setting new trends every day.

Recommerce is also beneficial for everyone because consumers can get clothes of their choice at an affordable range.

  • Online shopping is developing:

Before this pandemic, many people avoid shopping online because they want to check the fitting of the item before buying. But with evolving technology, all the issues have been resolved.

Now online retailers introduce augmented reality and virtual reality technology which will help the shopper to try the item in a virtual fitting room to get 100% satisfied. Day by day, every new technology has been introduced to make the shopping experience easier and smoother. Now more and more retailers are implementing these technologies in their online stores to increase their sales.

  • Increase in sustainable buying behavior:

People are now giving attention to many issues that are related to the fashion industry. One of the significant issues is consumer’s spending habits. People buy so much more clothes than they need, and every year tons of trash is created, which is terrible for our planet. 

To avoid this type of situation, more people are now leaning towards brands whose clothes or accessories last for a long time or the brands that use recycled material to make clothes. 

Now people are also favoring brands that use fair trade practices. These habits will result in increasing sustainable buying behavior. 

  • Seasonless fashion:

Many brands in the fashion industry are stepping up for change and adopting seasonless fashion trends. Seasonless fashion refers to the intentional release of styles that are used in other seasons. 

The major aim of seasonless fashion is to encourage the consumers to allow the clothing to remain in style for more months. In this way, brands can create high-quality clothes pieces that have higher price tags. These types of clothing can last for multiple seasons. 

This trend will definitely go forward because people love to do experiments and brands love to serve them new things.

  • Different payment plans for more shopping:

Sometimes people love to shop but due to money shortage, they can’t. But, not now. Now many retailers are providing the after-purchase payment ability to their consumers.

A buyer can purchase a dress for $500, and at the time of purchase, he/she can only pay $100. The remaining balance can be paid in the next three months. In this way, people can shop more without burning holes in their pockets. This “Buy Now Pay Later” option is beneficial for store owners. 

This trend starts from low-end fashion brands but now sliding into big designer stores. This strategy will have a positive impact on the industry.

  • Increase in plus-size options:

As we all know, plus-size women face many challenges in finding many varieties in their clothes which is very depressing for them. But now, many brands are creating a variety of pieces that are available for plus-size women, and they have more clothing options than ever. 

Now brands are also hiring models of different races with different body types so that the inferiority of many people about their looks will go forever.

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