How Fashion Designing And Internet Get Together In 2021

As we all know COVID-19 pandemic hits every industry severely. Fashion education is also affected by this pandemic. The cases are increasing every day, and all the businesses adapt to work from home. Children are also shifting towards online learning. 

In this scenario, the fashion designing industry is also facing so many problems. No one knows how long this pandemic lasts, and students can’t take risks for their education. That’s why many fashion designing organizations start E-learning platforms for their students so that they can learn things efficiently without any hassle. 

Fashion Designing

But first, we have to know what fashion designing is? It is an art of creating clothes and accessories as per consumer demand or their own creativity.

There are many ways by which the fashion institutes utilize technologies such as AR, VR, AI, MI and create experiential learning for their students. Let’s study about all these in details:

  • Virtual learning practice:

This lockdown has taught us that there are many ways by which people can shift the way they carry activities and adopt new technologies. Learning fashion designing through Virtual learning will not only help you to understand things in detail, but you will not feel for a single time that you are learning things virtually. They are named virtual reality, but they give the real feel that things are around you.

  • Computer-aided design:

It refers to the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. This Computer-aided design software helps the user with input tools so that they can easily design. 

This software helps the designers to view designs of clothing on virtual models in various shapes. This will also save their time by making adjustments on the computer. CAD will help the students to understand things better, and they can try various combinations in their design. 

  • Fashion e-learning:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is shifting towards e-learning. Learning things via online platforms is the most effective way in this scenario. E-learning for fashion studies can be carried on into the post COVID-19 because it is very effective. 

The fashion institutes play an integral role in providing proper classes to the talent that is going to be the future of the industry. Online courses are scheduled for all the students so that they can learn everything even in this pandemic condition.

  • Proper use of Social Media:

It is very important for teachers to align proper teaching methods, which is interesting for the students. They can make use of the right social media platform to engage their students.

Teachers are creating and sharing public Pinterest boards of colleges and ideas. This is a very creative way to provide virtual lessons. Social media is a great tool to drive community and learning. Students can get ideas from all over the world design to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry. 

Teachers can also make a page on Instagram so that everyone can share their ideas and experience to make the session more engaging and interesting. Social Media can be used in a variety of ways to support learning new things. 

  • Use of innovative Software:

As we all are restricted to be at our homes, we can use technology and innovative software that can create virtual garments. These technologies will help the students not to design garments but also create them. 

With the help of these technologies, designers can understand pattern cutting and the different fabric falls. It will save a lot of paper and fabric, which will be used in garment production. With little guidance from teachers and taking help from this software, designers can create beautiful designs at home. 

How Artificial Intelligence Works For The Fashion Industry?

Fashion Industry

AI is becoming an essential asset in the e-Commerce industry. Now every eCommerce retailer is using AI to understand the needs and expectations of the customers. 

AI for fashion is transforming how fashion companies are designing and manufacturing their products. 

There are many benefits of AI for the fashion industry:

  • Improved customer personalization: With the help of AI and ML, fashion businesses can keep track of fashion trends and the purchasing behavior of individual customers. With these technologies customer, data can be tapped and analyzed that can help the fashion industry to work as per customer’s demand.
  • Better inventory management: AI-based predictive analytics help fashion retailers to learn things from customer’s behavior so that they can plan their inventory stock accordingly. This will also help the fashion business to recognize their best and worst selling product so that they can be aware for the next time.
  • Less manpower: One of the significant benefits of AI and ML is it enables fashion houses to automate repetitive tasks that are performed by human agents. AI can handle tasks such as data entry and customer support. This will free human agents so that they can focus on more critical tasks.
  • Apparel designing: With the help of AI and ML, fashion brands understand the needs of customers and design better apparel. A Germany-based fashion platform is using AI powered fashion designing, which is completely based on the customer’s preferred texture, color, and other style choices.
  •  Better manufacturing process: Fashion brands that are using AI and ML tools now easily identify fast-changing fashion trends. This will help them to supply the latest and most stylish fashion accessories to retail shelves, and that too faster than the traditional fashion retailer.
  • Virtual Merchandising: AI-enabled technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality are now blurring the line between online and in-store shopping experience. In-store AR allows the customers to access any merchandise through digital media. Using VR, many fashion brands are able to create a virtual image of their pop-up retail store. 

Bottom Line

Using technologies is essential for the fashion industry. It will help the business to understand the need and demands of customers. Without the internet, every fashion designing industry is incomplete because it is dependent on the internet for many things.

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